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As a small business in your early stage, you’d be focused more on providing services to your consumer. You’d not give priority to a business financial structure. This can be confusing as you won’t know about your income, expenses, and other happenings.

What you need is a reliable name to provide accounting services in Ottawa. That’s where GJS Business Financial Services can assist you. Our accountants specialize in easing your business growth by satisfying your financial needs.

What Our Accounting Services Offers Your Business:

What is one of the most important things for boosting your business to the next level? Time. That’s a luxury that small businesses don’t usually have because they’re so caught up in multiple formalities.

You can avoid this scenario by availing our accounting services in Ottawa. To give you the flexibility of only focusing on giving a pleasant experience to your clients – we’ll hold the financial front of your business. Our services include:

Client Financial Systems:

Instead of doing everything manually, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a designated financial system? That’s what the experienced personnel at GJS Business Financial Services specialize in. We observe your business activities and develop an efficient financial system to smoothen your financial happenings.

These services are not a one-fix for all. Our suggestions are aligned with your particular business model and strategies to make productive decisions.

Worrying that your employees may find it difficult to adapt to the new system? GJS Business Financial Services is way ahead of you. We offer training sessions to familiarize your staff with the new system.

Account Set up:

If you think that you already have a bank account and you don’t need a new one, we’d advise against it. Why? Because having a different account can assist you to perform your financial formalities more smoothly. You’ll know about your transactions and revenue.

Even opening a bank account can be a troublesome task with tons of formalities. That’s why you can leave it to GJS Business Financial Services. We’ve been in the industry for a long time and are aware of the process of opening bank accounts for businesses.

We’ll walk you through the whole procedure as we’re doing it on your behalf.

Data Input, Accrual & Adjustments:

Transactions that have not yet been received should be recorded in your financial books. Sounds strange, right? That’s just one of the many financial jargons in your business journey. That’s where we can assist you with our financial knowledge and years of expertise.

By providing top Ottawa accounting services, you can track your income, expenses and record the entries accordingly. And It’s not only to smoothen your business finances. Accurate data on your balance sheets are required by the law enforcing authorities.

Foreign Currency Transaction:

The internet and digitization have transformed the world into a global village. You have endless possibilities to do business with a worldwide audience. But, one of the major obstacles you may encounter is the currency transaction and exchange.

While you focus on your business activities and accommodate your clients, we deal with your foreign currency exchange and transaction. GJS Business Financial Services financial analysts monitor the situation and fluctuation on the dollar rate. We’ll inform you about the perfect timing to make the transaction of your payable or receivable.

This means enhancing the value of your receivable and minimizing the rate of your payable. All in all, we assist you in improving your business revenue.

Monthly Reconciliation:

As human errors are natural, you need to ensure that those mistakes don’t impact your business’s financials. Each figure on your business accounts can lead to an impactful decision. Imagine if there’s an incorrect figure in your financial books. It can lead to an unfavorable situation.

To avoid such occurrences, you can outsource your accounting services in Ottawa to GJS Business Financial Services. We offer monthly reconciliation services on all of your transactions, deposits, and cheques. After tallying your bank reconciliation balance with your financial statements – we give you a clear and accurate financial position for your business.

This strategy can allow you to make better business decisions and grow your business faster.

Why Should We Be Your Next Ottawa Accounting Service Providers?

Here are a few of the reasons why you won’t regret availing our accounting services in Ottawa:

Client-Centric Approach:

We’re committed to equipping you with business solutions to win your satisfaction.

Affordable Accounting Services in Ottawa:

Unlike the other accounting service providers, we offer cost-effective services you desire.

Easily Accessible:

With our virtual accounting services, we’ve made it easy for you to reach us.

Experienced Professionals:

We have industry specialists who understand your business and provide tailor-made services.

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