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According to statistics, 90% of startups fail. There can be multiple reasons why individuals are forced to give up their idea. One of the significant challenges is dealing with financial bounds and complications. You can avoid this situation by having a solid business plan. That’s where we come in.

GJS Business Financial Services can be instrumental in assisting you with the business landscape obstacles. We hand you a map to building a solid reputation in your industry. Our financial professionals and consultants are qualified to guide you on your way to unassailable business success.

The Winning Business Plan Services You Need:

GJS Business Financial Services is way more than your average Ontario business plan provider. We offer top-notched services to ram down the business landscape hurdles in your journey.

Our services of business plan in Ottawa include:

Registration of your Company:

When you start a business, you’re naturally focused on providing services to your consumers. What you wouldn’t want to worry about is the financial and legal formalities of a startup. Why waste your precious time when you could be working on enhancing your service qualities.

To make your to-do list less busy, leave the task of registration to GJS Business Financial Services. We’ll seamlessly put your business on the industry map.

Here’s how GJS Business Financial Services can assist you in letting people know you’re the new player in town:

  • Filing financial documents
  • Obtaining an EIN tax ID
  • Opening a business bank account
  • Registering with HMRC (to deal with taxes)

Financial SWOT Analysis:

What are the current business factors? Are they being optimally utilized and changed? You can get the answers to those questions by a thorough SWOT analysis that can contribute to faster business growth.

Our experienced professionals at GJS Business Financial Services execute an efficient SWOT analysis for self-assessment. Instead of being kept in the dark, you’ll know about your industry standing.

With the SWOT analysis, you can understand your:

  • Strengths – Positive factors like large cash reserves for business development.
  • Weaknesses – Negative factors like debts and low revenue.
  • Opportunities – Unattended beneficial factors like potential financial investments.
  • Threats – Factors that may cause future problems like high interest rates on loans.

Financial Model Implementation:

If you’re launching a startup, you need to understand the importance of a business financial model. It can allow an effective utilization and tracking of your financial assets. If you want a top-notched financial model, GJS Business Financial Services is the partner for you. We study your business operations and suggest a business model that can optimize your finances.

It’s not easy to adjust to change. Especially when it comes to changing your business model as your employees may find it complex. We have qualified personnel to train your employee for a smooth transition of business models to eliminate this complexity.

With our business model, you can achieve:

  • Higher business capital
  • Organic business growth
  • Future prediction and preparation

Trend Forecasting and Projection:

As a startup, entering the business landscape can be like stepping into a minefield. You won’t know about the successful financial trends of your industry. That’s when GJS Business Financial Services can be of your assistance.

Making you aware of the winning financial practices is just one of the ways we can accommodate you. We’ll use our years of professional experience to have you ready for future changes for better durability.

With the forecasting services of GJS Business Financial Services, you can experience:

  • Profitable decision making
  • Effective utilization of resources
  • Reliable insights

What Make Us Different from Other Ontario Business Plan Partners?

Here’s how GJS Business Service Solutions stands out:

Competitor Analysis:

As a startup, you can understand the practices of what established enterprises are following and where you stand.

More Time:

You’ll have the entirety of your attention to your business service as we focus on the financial aspects.

No Jargon:

Our reports are simple, meant for non-finance. If you find any confusion, our consultants will just be a phone call away.

Proactive Approach:

Instead of waiting, we assist in being prepared for the future by making the required changes to your business plan.


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