Mission & Values

Our Mission

To provide our clients with a trusted high-quality business financial services partner supporting their drive to thrive and achieve optimum performance.


Our Values

We are a High-Performance Business Financial Services Team committed to delivering uncompromising excellence to our clients, employees and service partners.

Trust –

We commit ourselves, individually and as a team, in relation to each other and to those whom we give our trust, to create, build and maintain.

Integrity –

We act with integrity, individually and as a team at all times, and in all that we say and do. It means keeping our promises and being whole and complete with each commitment we make.

Responsibility –

We channel our energies to a focus of commitment and unified direction to attain our goals and standards of performance.

Quality –

We commit ourselves individually and as a team to deliver uncompromising excellent services to our clients. It means being focused, attentive to detail, having sound processes, performing quality reviews and unwavering commitment to our values.

Communication –

We listen generously to our clients, employees and service partners. We speak in a respectful and professional manner, recognizing the power that words have.

High Powered Professional Services Organization

This is our strategic context for GJS Business Financial Services where every employee is a trusted Services Professional.

The Strategic Way of Being for GJS and our Employees is

Total Quality and Trust. The Difference.

Remarkable Client Value –

Your trusted business financial services provider committed to delivering high quality, exceptional services, reliable information and innovative solutions. Working together, we are all wildly successful.

Service Partner Contribution –

A trusted partnership always focused on the clients’ best interests by leveraging the quality of our people, the love of our work and having fun.

Our Commitment

GJS Business Financial Services is committed to living by these values making it the culture of our organization and engaging all our employees in achieving our strategic future together.

We also provide

Financial Management Resource

Knowing that each business is unique in terms of size, industry and their own capabilities, we offer the right solution that fits our clients needs. Ability to customize needs from a wide range of financial support services and scheduling arrangements, allowing the client to focus on when and what matters most to them.

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