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You set up a business, hire employees and pay them for their service – that’s it? Well, it might look like that’s the end of your responsibility, whereas in truth, it’s not. According to IRS regulations, the employer and the employees both need to pay tax.

To make matters more complicated, you need to take into account all the incentives and bonuses. In other words – lots of time and effort goes into calculations. As a small business owner, you’d not want to invest your resources in these formalities.

And if you don’t pay your payroll taxes, you’re looking at heavy penalties coming your way. That can be a major dent in your business that’s growing. It’s not worth the risk.

So, now that you’ve established that you’ll pay your payroll tax, the next step is to find a reliable name for outsourcing tax services in Ottawa. Doing this will save you a lot of time and money, which you can utilize elsewhere. To get these services, you’re not likely to find better options than GJS Business Financial Services.

Our team of professional experts has legal knowledge about tax laws to help you avoid the deep waters. We provide efficient payroll solutions. Our ultimate goal is for you to focus more on your employees contributing towards growing their business. When it comes to calculating your employee’s payroll tax – leave that to us.

We perform a thorough payroll audit and recommend how it be easier to manage and regulation compliant. We work hand-in-hand with your auditors to understand your business and present our recommendations.

Here Are the Ottawa Tax Services We Offer:

GJS Business Financial Services is your one-stop solution for effective employee tax payment. Our Canadian payroll and tax services include:

Regulation Compliant Documentation:

Paying your payroll tax isn’t like making a payment for a shipment. There are tons of documentation formalities to make yourself eligible. And it becomes more complex– the formalities are constantly changing. So, if you are a small business and have too many tasks to do, we can help you manage your tax-related formalities.

GJS Business Financial Services takes care of the process to make you eligible for paying the payroll tax. We assist you with:

  • Assigning employer identification number (EIN) to your recruits.
  • Filling tax returns.
  • Informing you about the updated tax obligations.

Paying Arrangements:

With a solid tax audit, we help you understand the tax cost and how you can restructure for your business benefits. Staying within the regulations instructed by the authorities, we also help you develop a fruitful employment payment structure you desire. This may mean a reduction in your employment for long-term business success.

By looking at your employee cost and developing an expense saving policy, you can expect to:

  • Address the minimum wage and fairness issues.
  • Identify risk areas in employee payment.
  • Recognize the business drivers and how they can grow your business.

Consultancy and Review:

With the ever-changing conditions and regulations of the IRS, you need to keep reviewing your payroll management system to withhold tax. This is where our small business payroll solutions in Canada can come to your aid. Our experts keep monitoring the requirements and advise you accordingly.

If you find yourself in a complicated situation with the IRS, we’ll prepare a response on your behalf. GJS Business Financial Services professionals are always at your service for insightful tax consultancy. In our quest to make things easy for you – our experts also offer virtual online tax services.

Why Should We Be Your Next Canadian Tax Services Partners?

Are you still wondering why our services for small business payroll in Canada are the right choice for you? Here’s how we stand out from the lot:

On-time tax filing:

As we make tax payments so simple and easy, you tend to deal with it quicker instead of procrastinating.


Instead of hiring an in-house resource, outsourcing the services to us can save lots of finances.


Online payroll services mean that we can go global and accommodate clients from around the world.

Save Time:

Your HR executive can save a lot of time since we’ll take over managing your employee payrolls and taxes.

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